Together we thrive

If we’ve learned one thing from history and life, it’s that we must stand together to prosper. And with your generous support, we’re doing just that.

In 2015, your investment in our work created a ripple effect of impact throughout the region. Nearly $13 million was awarded to help sustain and grow 736 nonprofit organizations. College became a reality for 369 deserving students through $521,000 in scholarships. And 360 families were united to help shape the development of a safe, stable community in a model public housing project. This and so much more was made possible because of you.

This report shares a look at some of the powerful ways you’ve given back to Fairfield County. Thank you for helping our communities to grow. Your support truly brings to life the Community Foundation’s guiding motto and principle: “Together we thrive.”

Juanita T. James
President & CEO

Lizanne Galbreath
Chair, Board of Directors